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My husband and I live in Wimbledon and have a lovely French bulldog named Mabel. She is the light of our lives and our world revolves around her! We both work in HR Management roles and WFH so she is never left alone! We love to travel with Mabel in the UK but sometimes we do need to go abroad so are looking for trusted, responsible and loving sitters to keep our home and dog safe and happy! We have recently moved into our house and have just renovated much of the house so it’s a great base for a sitter. There are lots of nice shops locally and we are not too far from Wimbledon centre and the common for walkies. We also have a parking permit in case you want to drive to us! Please reach out and let us know more about yourselves :)

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Mabel is a very affectionate, caring, silly, and loving dog who loves to meet new people and is great with other dogs/children. She is very gentle and likes nothing more than going on a nice walk with her carers or settling down on the sofa next to you to watch a film or whilst you work. She is very well housetrained and due to the fact that we work from home all week, is never left alone. Therefore we would need someone who was willing to stay with her at all times and allow her to sneak into bed with you as she does with us! She has some well managed allergies so has one pill to take twice a day and has special food that she eats happily. She is not allowed to eat anything else (despite what she might tell you…!) and there is a 24 hour vet very locally to us in case of any emergencies (very unlikely!) Other than keeping our dog happy, safe, and healthy we just ask that you enjoy our home and treated with respect.


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