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About Andrew

I live a very simple minimal lifestyle, and love to explore new places and meet new people. Everything I own intentionally fits in a carryon suitcase and a backpack (except my classic VW Bus which is in LA). I can work from anywhere and my speaking career takes me to amazing places. The one thing I miss with this lifestyle is a pet. Animals make me happy, as I love the energy they exude. Sometimes I rent an Airbnb just to hang with a cool dog or cat.

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Persanol Info

  • Age: 65
  • Occupation: Music
  • Home Owner:

My Pet care experience

I have been a breeder of AKC show-winning Alaskan Malamutes on 160-acres in a wood-heated log home in the Colorado mountains. I have owned and kept a thoroughbred, dressage-trained horse. At one time I had the horse, a cashmere goat, a malamute, a wolf-hybrid, three cats, four rabbits and a Queen Anne pheasant all on a five-acre property. One of my cats developed feline diabetes so I’m comfortable administering meds and injections. I’ve owned an African Grey and a Yellow Nape parrot. I also have experience with tropical and saltwater fish, turtles, lizards, large and small birds, guinea pigs and small rodents. I’ve owned homes and rented long term since 1990. I rented my last house for 10 + years and handled all the maintenance and repairs. I’m ridiculously responsible. Not a handyman but can troubleshoot problems like a champ. I’ve owned more pets than I can count and most of them lived to ripe old ages. My Airbnb​ profile is spotless, see photos for reviews.

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About Andrew house

  • Liveing in my own house


  • Dilpreet SinghSep 16 2022

    Luigi was amazing. Super reliable, independent, communicated when needed. House was in tip top shape when we returned and both cats were well cared for. We would welcome Anthony back any day!

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